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It is a group of people with different expertise in the organization who strive for a similar goal. Businesses are created to meet the needs of customers.

A set of activities to earn money and product value. If we want our business to always be up and running, we should not do less in serving the people and the buying and selling cycle. If, for example, I have a clothing store, I must be a person who motivates customers to talk to me and buy from this center. Businesses grow rapidly and become popular. But you have to work hard for every bit of progress of a business. This section is a bit drawn to the marketing discussion.
Because marketing is a part of business, it means that business is not just about buying and selling goods and services. 
The more we discuss this, the more details we get. Business has many definitions: in the sense that goods and services are offered to the market and they are sold.
The purpose of starting a business is what makes the company or organization able to continue its existence and carry out its activities in the long term. In fact, “the purpose of business is the reason for its existence.”