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about me/ mani lotfi
about me
My full name is Mani Hajilotfli. My major is SCE (System and ComputerEngineering).I am a UI/UX designer with experience in digital web,With experience in UI/UX design, graphic design and brand consultant in the field of stores and companies.
I have my own routine activity and with the necessary experience and skills, I have excellent time management skills in my schedules, good communication and interpersonal skills have made me thrive. Skill in dealing with problems and negotiating to reach a beneficial agreement is one of my other abilities.
I am always eager to learn and acceptnew challenges.
about me
Industry Knowledge
User Interface Design,, Graphic Design, Web Design, , Branding , Social Media Management and Content Creating
Tools and Technologies
 Adobe XD, Figma,  HTML/CSS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Microsoft Office

Bachelor of Information Technology from Azad University, Tehran, Iran. [2020 to 2025]

-Analyze feedback and user activity and iterate to improve user experience

– Consulting with clients to understand their goals and explain research findings.

-Site map and screen flows

– Perform tests

– Creating product prototypes

– Support for content production

– Competitors and customer analysis

My Skills