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Interacting with others is a common principle of all businesses. Even if you are freelancing online, you still need to connect with other people to have a good work environment and excel at your job.

It is important to understand that work relationships are different from personal relationships.
A personal relationship involves sharing feelings and facts of our personal life, but a working relationship is a formal relationship and is formed with a specific purpose, such as improving teamwork and increasing productivity.
When people are going to communicate with each other, it is essential to define the important points they want to get across. The main point of the message or idea must be clear and the sender must think of a way to receive the message from the receiver.
In order for you to receive the message clearly, we must make the communication as simple and direct as possible so that we do not face problems in the future.

The purpose of communication

By communicating, it is possible to coordinate the efforts of all people working in the organization to achieve organizational goals. The coordination of personnel and their efforts is the basis of management, which is achieved through effective communication.
Appropriate and effective communication is an important management tool that every person needs to make general changes in policies, routines, work methods to establish positive communication.
By observing these points that I explained, maybe we can have a good working relationship. I am waiting for your communication 📞.